Rights and Responsibility

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  • Rights and Responsibility
    • Equality act
      • Key Features
        • Defines Race
        • Makes direct and indirect discrimination illegal
        • Protects from harassment and victimisation
        • Covers Housing, education, employment transport, public bodies, and associations
        • Set up EHRC
        • Protects people from discrimination by association
        • System of redress
        • Gives people rights
        • Identifies exeptions
        • Aims to eradicate racial discrimination, but promote equal opportunities
    • POVA
      • Key Features
        • Set out as part of care standards act 2000
        • Applies to care workers- unpaid and paid
        • Protects as it places a duty on employers to refer a care worker to POVA if they are placed at risk of harm
        • DBS formed from the merger of CRB and ISA
        • Defines what is meant by vulnerable adult
        • Check suitability of applicants before employment
        • Provides a list of unsuitable staff
    • The Children Act
      • Children are consulted
      • Issues determined asap
      • MAW
      • Protects children from abuse
      • Gives children rights
      • Care orders
      • Establishes a child protection register
      • 5 Key outcomes
        • Staying safe
        • Being healthy
        • Enjoying and achieving
        • Make a positive contribution
        • Economic well-being
      • Establish new lead procationer
      • Duty on local authority to co-oporate with agencies
      • CAF


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