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  • Riptide - Vance Joy
    • Language
      • Seemingly low budget and unique style
      • Intertextual elements are used
      • Montage editing - a wide range of contrasting shots to convey a large amount of information
      • The editing of seemingly unrelated images invites audience interpretation
      • The video links to the lyrics
        • Lyrics interpreted on screen
      • Rejects a clearly defined narrative
      • References surrealism
      • References Western and Thriller genres and Wes Anderson films
      • Lack of special effects
    • Representation
      • Violence and sexual desire inform the video
      • Dream-like logic
      • Objectifies women
      • Regular disembodied sections of women's bodies
      • Trivialises violence
    • Key shots
      • Man and woman suddenly look at something off screen and the next scene is a pile of dollar bills - green with envy or earning lots of money
      • Dentist contraption in a woman's mouth - overt graphical representation
      • Women being dragged off screen by a dark force - references the horror genre
      • Lip-synch sections
        • Challenges gender representation
    • Theories
      • Barthes - semiotics
      • Neale - genre
      • Gauntlett - identity
      • hooks - feminism


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