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  • Rivers
    • Evaporation-water transformed from seawater into water vapour in the atmosphere.
    • Condensation-water changing from gas to water
      • Precipitation-water vapour condensed into rain,hail,sleet or snow
        • Interception-water caught by trees and plants
        • Soil moisture-water stored in the soil
          • Percolation-water moves from the soil and into rock deep underground
      • Groundwater-water underground in the soil or rock
    • Stem flow-water flowing down stems and trunks of plants and trees
      • Surface runoff-water moves across the surface of the earth becoming a stream or tributary
        • Infiltration-water soaks into the soil
      • Throughflow-water moves downhill through the soil
        • Groundwater flow-water moves slowly through the soil and rocks back into the soil
          • main  channel-water flowing to lakes and oceans


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