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  • Rivers
    • Erosion
      • Hydraulic action
        • Definition:  The force of water on the river bed and banks that removes material.
      • Abrasion
        • Definition:  Material rubs against and wears away the bed and banks of the river
      • Attrition
        • Definition:  The load carried in the river bumps into itself and breaks up creating small pebbles.
      • Solution
        • Definition:  Slightly acidic water dissolves certain rock minerals.
    • Transport
      • Traction
        • Definition:  Large boulders and rocks are rolled along the river bed
      • Saltation
        • Definition: Small pebbles and stones are bounced along the river bed
      • Suspension
        • Definition: Fine light material is carried along by the flow of the river.
      • Solution
        • Definition: Minerals are dissolved in the water by slightly acidic water.
    • Middle course
      • Meanders, U shaped valley, deeper water, lateral erosion, gentler gradient, faster velocity, less steep
    • Upper course
      • Steep gradient, flows quickly, vertical erosion, v shaped valley
    • Lower course
      • Gentle gradient, high volume, slow speed, horizontal erosion
    • 1. Watershed: area of a highland forming the edge of a river basin.
    • 2.Source: where the river begins.
    • 3.Mouth: Where a river meets the sea
    • 4. Confluence the point at which two rivers meet
    • 5.Tributary: a small river or stream that joins a larger river
    • 6.Channel: this is where the river flows
    • 7.Drainage basin: the area of land drained by a river and its tributaries.




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