RM Revision: smart materials

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  • RM Revision: smart materials
    • composites
      • glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
        • composite of glass fibres and polymer resin
      • carbon reinforced polymer (CFRP)
        • a composite of carbon fibre strands woven together and encased in polymer resin
      • a material manufactured from a combination of materials with desirable properties
    • biomimicry
      • taking ideas from an mimicking features of nature
    • micro-encapsulation
      • the process if applying microscopic capsules to fibres of fabrics
    • thermochromic pigment
      • changes colour in response to a change in heat
    • photochromic pigment
      • changes colour in response to light intensity
    • polymorph
      • when heated in water, the material can be merged together and moulded by hand
    • shape memory alloys
      • change back to their original shape when heated
    • quantum tunnelling composites
      • materials that change from insulators to conductors when exposed to pressure
    • electroluminescent
      • a material that provides a visible light when exposed to a current
    • smart materials
      • a material whose properties change in repsonse to the environment
    • kevlar
      • trade name for a material manufactured by DuPont
      • light weight, flexible, extremely resistant to chemicals and heat
    • interactive textiles
      • fabrics that contain a device or circuit that responds and reacts with the user
    • microfibres
      • tiny fibres about 100 times smaller than a human hair
    • phase changing materials
      • encapsulated droplets on fibres and materials that change between liquid and solid form within a temperature range
    • breathable fabrics
      • function by allowing the flow of air in and out
    • aramid synthetic fibres
      • non-flammable, heat resistant fibre 80 times stronger than nylon


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