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  • Robots
    • The vast majority of robots are found in the manufacturing industry on automated production and assembly lines.
      • Automation is the use of computer systems to control industrial machinery and processes, largely replacing human operators.
    • In manufacturing applications, robots can be used for assembly work, processes such as painting, welding, etc. and for materials handling.
      • More recently robots have been equipped with sensory feedback through vision and tactile sensors.
    • Artificial intelligence
      • This is a machine which exhibits human intelligence and behaviour and can demonstrate the ability to learn and adapt through experience.
      • Scientists have found it hard to get robots to carry out simple cognitive tasks.
      • Expert systems are so called because of their ability to process large amounts of info and make decisions which are similar to humans.
  • Autonomous robots, the goal is to enable robots to learn the skills needed for a particular environment rather than for specific repetitive tasks
    • They must also be able to manipulate and 'feel' objects like humans.


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