Rock Classification

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  • Rock Classification
    • Igneous
      • Texture: Crystalline (Interlocked minerals in a mosaic)
      • No preferred alignment
      • Quartz, Plagioclase and potash feldspar, Amphibole, Pyroxene, Olivine, Micas
      • Formed from the crystalisation of magma
      • Features: Igneous intrusions - dyke, sill, batholith or lava flow, no beds
      • No Fossils
      • Hard to break and does not split
    • Sedimentary
      • Texture: Fragmental (Grains/fragments or fossils cemented together)
      • Grains are not usually lined up
      • Quartz, Potash feldspar, Calcite, Mica, mainly muscovite, clay minerals, rock fragments
      • Formed from the deposition of rock and mineral particles
      • In beds
      • May have fossils present
      • May be soft and crumbly but some rocks are difficult to break if well cemented
    • Metamorphic
      • Crystalline (Minerals interlocked in a mosaic)
      • Crystals are alignes, show foliation if affected by pressure
      • Quartz, Plagioclase and potash feldspar, micas, garnet, calcite
      • Formed by Recrystallisation of other rocks
      • Come in large areas with no beds
      • Usually no fossils but deformed if present
      • Hard to break but may split into layers


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