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  • Rodolfo
    • he is blonde and make an immediate impression on Catherine. Both Beatrice and Catherine are attracted to him
    • He is a more sensitive guy and has more gentle hobbies. Like singing, cooking and sewing.
      • He is very talented and it upsets him that Eddie dislikes him and him and eddie don't mix
        • eddie is concerned as Rodolfo uses his money to buy 'american' things instead of helping Marco
      • he has a good sense of humour and is popular. he is polite when Eddie is rude.
      • his language is  creative and imagnitive which shows intelligence
    • Unlike Marcos he wants to stay in america and own a motorcycle and is keen to see Broadway
      • Catherine falls in love with him immediately.Eddie suggests that Rodolfo is using Catherine for US citizenship however it becomes clear to us that his love is strong and genuine


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