Snaith//Romeo and Juliet character (Romeo)

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  • Romeo
    • Son of Montague, rival to the Capulet household, he is 18 years old.
    • Romeo's role in the play is the love interest of Juliet.
    • They fall in love after the party held at the Capulet's, which Romeo was accidentally invited to by Peter, a servant of Capulet's who could not read.
      • After the part Romeo asks Juliet to marry him after one night of knowing each other.
        • Once married Romeo gets into trouble with Juliet's cousin, Tybalt.
          • Due to this Romeo is exiled to Mantua.
    • Once exiled to Mantua he is told of Juliet's death.
      • As soon as he hears of this news Romeo rushes back to Verona to her death bed.
        • Due to his wife's death and the idea he will be alone without her on the earth, he drinks poison to end his life; by his wife's side.


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