Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 5

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  • Romeo and     Juliet               Act 1 Scene 5 Line 91 - end
    • First 14 lines are a sonnet - using both Romeo and Juliet's speech
      • The pair are  connected and understand each other straight away
        • They must be strongly in love
    • Repetition of religious     language           e.g.  pilgrim, saints, holy, prayer
      • Their love is innocent and true
      • Emphasises the atrocity of the acts they are undertaking
        • Their affair is not innocent but they are acting like it is
    • Repetition of "kiss"
      • Their love is lust as they are both only interested in the pleasure
        • Their love is only rebellion against their families
    • Juliet says "you kiss by th'book"
      • Romeo's kissing is perfect
        • Juliet must have been kissed before
          • Juliet usually rebels against her family by having affairs
      • She is putting Romeo down by saying that his kiss is nothing special, just like the textbook says
    • Juliet uses antithesis
      • early ... late     love ... hate
      • Shows hr contrasting emotions towards Romeo


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