Rossetti Poem revision

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  • Rossetti Poetry
    • The Convent Theshold
      • Dramatic monologue about a woman's decision to sacrafice her relationship and become a nun
      • 'Blood' motif at the start emphasises havoc caused by their relationship
      • Ambiguity of 'stairs refers to both heaven's assent and stairs to the convent
      • Haunting poem about passion/feeling. Paradoxical sin with man but can't be happy without.
      • Destination- she articulates her belief that fulfillment can only be found with Christ
      • Imbued with christian notations such as sin, repentance, forgiveness and renunication of earthly pleasures
    • Jessie Cameron
    • Maude Clare
    • A Royal Princesss
    • Goblin Market
    • Cousin Kate
      • Untitled
      • Untitled
      • Untitled
      • Ballad- constant rhyme but not a constant framework shows spontaneity of thought from narrator


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