Royal Absolutism 

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  • Royal Absolutism
    • Nobility
      • The Chalais conspiracy 1626
      • Montmorency-Boutville 1627
      • Montpellier 1622
      • The Day of Dupes 1630
      • Cinq-Mars Conspiracy 1642
      • Edict 1626 abolished castle not on the boarder
    • Huguenots
      • "so long as they have a foothold in France, the king will not be master in his own house"
      • La Rochelle 1627
      • The Grace of Alais 1629
    • Paris Parliament
      • Question royal edicts concerning Gaston
      • Lit de justice
      • Edict 1641
      • "You exist only for judging disputes between Master Peter and Master Paul, and if you try to exceed your commission I will cut your nails to the quick"
      • Chambre d'arsenal 1631 bypassed their judicial powers
      • Offices were sold, diluted their power and the association with venality
    • Pays D'etat
      • Elus failed to collect taxes
        • Dauphine gave in due to long standing rivalries and being unable to agree on anything
        • Burgundy & Provence upraised
        • Languedoc a full scale rebellion broke out
      • 3/4 governors were disgraces & replaced
    • Officiers
      • Brought their jobs so lacked motivation
      • Intendants were sent in to ensure orders were carried out
    • Gabella, salt tax was increased


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