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  • Relationships and families
    • Christian beliefs
      • Beginning of Christianity
        • Around a third of the population clain to be christian
        • Christianity is over 2000 years old
        • It is a base on a belief years ago that Jesus died and rose from the dead
      • Naure of God
        • Omnipresent which means he is everywhere
        • Omnipotent which means he is all-powerful
        • He has unconditional love (agape)
        • He s also benevolent which means all-loving
      • The Holy trinity
        • God is seen as a man or father of the Bible
        • God is Eternal
        • The son - He has always existed but became human for a time
      • Creation
      • Problem of evil
      • Jesus
      • Sin and origianl sin
      • Incarnation
      • Cruxification
      • Resurection
      • Ascension
      • Salvation
      • Judgment day and salvation
    • Christians and sexuality
      • Sex is a gift from God
      • God's plan was that women and men should be united
      • Loving your neighbour is showing compassion
      • Marriage is a life long commitment
      • Children should respect their parents
    • Sex outside marraige
      • Liberall protestants
        • Beliee sex should occur withing a commited and trusting relationship
      • Catholics
        • Sex should be withing  marriage and sex should be unitve, procreative and martial
      • Evangelical protestants
        • Believe sex should be within marriage
    • Features of a wedding
      • Christian weddings
        • Held in a church
        • White dress and suit
        • Music by an ochestra
        • Chapel and someone walks the bride down the aisle
      • Civil ceremony's
        • Seen as a commitment
        • Can be enjoyed by everyone
    • Marriage
      • Purpose of marriage
        • A lifelong commitment
        • Stable environment for a family
        • An expression of love
    • Contraception
    • Homosexuality and gay marriages


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