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hi! i reccommend going through each of the topics and either forming both sides of an argument for the topic, with religious texts/quotes. if this isn't applicable e.g. reasons for crime, then state the answers and think about which would be the most important/dangerous for religious groups. hope this helps :)

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  • rs themes revision
    • theme a - relationships and families
      • human sexuality
      • sexual relationships before/outside of marriage
      • contraception and family planning
      • marriage
      • divorce and remarriage
      • the nature of families
      • the purpose of families
      • gender equality
    • theme b - religion and life
      • euthanasia
      • abortion
      • value of the world
      • origins of human life
      • use and abuse of the environment
      • use and abuse of animals
      • origins of the universe
      • death and the afterlife
    • theme d - religion, peace and conflict
      • violence, violent protest and terrorism
      • reasons for war
      • holy wars and religion as a cause of violence
      • nuclear war and womds
      • victims of war
      • the just war
      • peace and conflict
      • pacifism and peacemaking
    • theme e - religion, crime and punishment
      • crime and punishment
      • reasons for crime
      • treatment of criminals
      • attitudes to lawbrekers and types of crime
      • forgiveness
      • three aims of punishment
      • Untitled
      • suffering




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