Russell and Copleston - religious experience

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  • R + C  religious experience
    • Russell
      • tricky affair
        • we can't use our own mental states to prove God's existence
        • if everytone can see a clock - this validates the experience, unlike religious experiences
          • tend to be more private and personal
      • Japanese novelist
        • a novelist does not consider himself successful until people commit suicide for his heroine
      • Satan and God
        • some people experience God whilst others experience Satan
      • Lycurgus
        • fictional character who has good moral effect on us
        • characters who do not exist can make us moral
    • Copleston
      • on religious experience
        • it isn't strict proof of God's existence
      • subjectivist interpretation
        • possible when there is little relation between experience and life
      • comparing mystics
        • we fall in love with somebody not nobody
      • God and Satan
        • Satan is horror
        • God is love
      • phantom
        • real values make us moral
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