Stratified Sample

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  • Sampling Method: Stratified
    • Sub-groups of ppts (strata) are selected in proportion to their frequency in the population in order to obtain a representative sample.
    • 1. Identify how many people make up the whole population.
      • 2.  Identify the proportion of people which make up the different sub-group (strata).  This can be expressed as a percentage.
        • 3. Calculate the number of people required from each strata.
          • 4.  The sample must then contain all these groups in the same proportion as in the target population.
            • 5. Randomly select the required number from the whole strata.
      • Produces a more representative sample as it designed to reflect the population.
      • The identified strata (subgroup) cannot reflect all the ways ppts are different so is not fully representative.  


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