Samuel Pepys diary

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  • Samuel Pepy’s diary
    • Context
      • 1666- 2nd September
      • Pepys was a member of the upper class
        • Detached perspective- want he’s te poor people struggle then goes out for dinner
      • Pepys was 27- 36 when writing
      • Witten in shorthand
        • Translated in 1818
      • Published post-humorously  - 1825
    • Purpose
      • Diary- so for the private sphere
        • Just to keep note of his life
      • To record events happening
        • Fire of London
      • Post- humerusly it was used to understand the events of the fire of London but also life in the 15th century
    • Contents
      • Covers only one day of the fire
      • 4 detailed paragraphs
        • Becomes more urgent and chaotic towards the end
      • Last paragraph deviates from the rest and has a more literary register
      • Chronological
      • First hand account
      • Combination of narrative observation and personal opinion
      • Lacks clarity at points
    • Audience
      • People interested in the fire London
      • People interested in history
    • Schema
      • First Peterson
      • Informative
      • Personal opinion




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