Samuel Pepys' Diary (1666)

Mind map of Pepys' Diary, mainly focusing on CAMP and the 5 Language Levels

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  • Samuel Pepys' Diary
    • Context
      • Restoration era
      • Only 50% of the population can read and write, mainly the wealthy
      • Pepys was close to the King and is one of the key writers of that period
      • The Great Fire of London - second tragedy in Charles 2nd's reign, first being the Great Plague a year prior
    • Audience
      • Originally, himself, as it was not expected to be published
      • Later on, historians
    • Mode
      • Written
    • Purpose
      • To reminisce and remember the event
    • Grammar (how individual words are structured, i.e verbs, adjectives)
      • Non-standardised grammar, due to the time period (see words like "hath" and "loth")
      • No official spellings for words (see "oyle" and "staid")
      • Hyphenated street names (see "Canning-street" and "Lumbard-street")
    • Discourse (the structures in the full text)
      • Inverted syntax - where the usual structure of words are changed (see "Soon as dined, I and Moone away")
      • Ellipsis (see "Soon as dined" and "he home, and I to Paul's Wharf")
      • Fronted conjunction (see "So I...")
      • Syndetic list (see "and all on fire, and flaming at once; and a horrid noise that flames made...")
    • Lexis and Semantics (words and their meanings)
      • "2nd (Lord's day)" - shows it's a diary, Lord's day is Sunday, very religious time period
      • "parson" - vicar
      • "like a man spent" - tired
      • "a shower of fire drops" - metaphor, meaning embers


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