Schaffer's stages of attachment

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  • Schaffer's stages of attachment
    • Stage 1: Asocial stage
      • Behaviour towards humans and inanimate objects is very similar
      • Babies do show a slight preference for the company of familiar people
      • From 0-2 months
    • Stage 2: Indiscriminate attachment
      • From 2-7 months
      • Babies show more obvious and observable behaviours
      • Show a clear preference for people over inanimate objects
      • They do not usually show separation anxiety or stranger anxiety
    • Stage 3: Specific attachment
      • From 7 months
      • Start to show stranger anxiety and separation anxiety
      • Baby forms an attachment to their primary attachment figure
    • Stage 4: Multiple attachments
      • Occurs shortly after a specific attachment has been formed
      • Baby begins to form secondary attachments
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Good external validity
          • The parents did the observations, meaning everyone behaved more naturally
        • Real world application
          • Useful in planning daycare
      • Weaknesses
        • Parents may not have been objective observers
        • Poor evidence for the asocial stage
          • Difficult to observe anxious behaviours in baby's who cannot talk and barely move


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