Aim, Variables + Hypothesis

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  • Scientific processes
    • Aim
      • A statement about what a researcher is intending to investigate.
    • Variables
      • IV = What is being manipulated by the experimenter
      • DV = What the experimenter measures and it changes as a result of the IV.
      • Operationalising = This means clearly describing the variables (IV and DV) in terms of how they will be manipulated or measured.    
    • Experimental Hypothesis
      • This is a formal statement or prediction of what the researcher expects to find. It needs to be testable.
      • Written before the research is carried and always is written in the future tense.
      • Directional = A one-tailed hypothesis that states the direction of the difference or relationship 
      • Non-directional = A two-tailed hypothesis that does not predict the direction of the difference or relationship 
      • Null = States that there is no relationship between the two variables being studied, if there is it's by chance.


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