Second Protectorate Parliament 1656-58

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  • Second Protectorate Parliament 1656-58
    • Politics
      • Following the Major-Generals experiment, Cromwell was under financial pressure so called the 2nd Protectorate Parl.
      • Cromwell, Council and Major-Generals used their powers of exclusion
      • A positive start was overshadowed by the q of kingship.
        • In 1657 Cromwell accepted the Humble Petition; from a 'de facto to qa de jure' King (Sherwood)
    • Religion
      • The case of James Naylor was most telling of the religious divides
        • In October 1656 when he pretended to by Jesus he was punished by death.
        • Conservative views shared by Presbyterian Edwards in 'Gangraena', concerned wit the 'Deformation' of those years.


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