Sections of a Report

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  • Sections of a Report
    • Appendices
      • The section that includes copies of the materials, standradised instructions, & raw data
    • Introduction
      • The section of the report that outlines the previous background research and theory
    • Discussion
      • The section that considers how the current findings fit in with the previous research, the theory, and considers the implications
    • Abstract
      • A brief summary of the aims, methods, procedures, results & conclusions in the report
    • References
      • A list of books, journal articles, and websites used
        • Harvard reference system
    • Method
      • The section of the report that describes the details of what was done and how it was done.
        • Design, Participants, Procedure
    • Results
      • The section of the report where the data is presented in charts, tables & the data is analysed
    • Title
      • A sentence about the purpose of the report found at the very begining
    • Tiny Arabs In Mexico Really Despise Arrogant Referees


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