Secularisation in Britain and Explanations

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  • Secularisation in Britain
    • Explanations
      • Max Weber-
        • Rationalisation- started by Martin Luther in 16th century. People became 'disenchanted', led to belief in science
      • Steve Bruce
        • Growth of a technological worldview has largely replaced religious explanations of why things happen
      • Talcott Parsons
        • Structural Differentiation
          • The process of secularisation that happened with industrialisation.It leads to the disengagement of religion where it loses its functions
      • Bryan Wilson
        • When religion lost its basis in local communities, it lost its hold over people
      • Criticisms and weaknesses
        • Cultural Defense and Cultural transition go against secularisation
        • Berger now points to Latin America and the growth of evangelicalism to dispute secularisation
    • Religious Institutions Today
      • Less influence- State has taken over many functions that the church used to perform
      • Clergy number has fallen- 45,000 in 1900, 34,000 in 2000
      • Steve Bruce- Secularisation has been happening for many years
    • Church Attendance
      • In 2005, only 6.3% of the adult population attended church every week
      • C of E and Catholic church attendance= falling, some small orgs = rising
      • Church weddings and baptisms have also decreased. 1971= 3/5 weddings were church, 2006= 1/3
        • Baptisms 1991= 55%, 2005= 41%


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