Sediment Cells

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  • Sediment Cells
    • large features like peninsulas act as naturally barriers to prevent the transfer of sediment (for example the Llyn peninsula
    • Sediment cells are generally thought of as closed systems (no sediment is transferred from one cell to another)
      • However its unlikely that sediment cells are fully closed due to variations in wind directions and tidal currents , its inevitable some sediment will go between cells
    • A sediment cell is a stretch of coastline associated with the nearshore area where the movement of sediment is mostly self contained
    • The Holderness Coast
      • Has sources of sediment (inputs) like Flamborough head chalk headland and boulder clay cliffs . Material is moved via Longshore drift
      • Has sink zones for depositional processes  like offshore bars and spurn head (spit) also Humber estuary
      • operates in dynamic equilibrium  under natural conditions sometimes inputs and outputs can be disturbed.


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