sediment cells

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  • sediment cells
    • definition
      • stretch of coastline, usually bordered by 2 headlands, where movement of sediment is more or less contained
      • closed system
      • normal processes of erosion, transportation + deposition occur w/in cell
    • features
      • stores
      • transfers
      • inputs
    • 11 major cells in england + wales
    • coastal protection sig disrupt cell + affect sediment budget
    • sediment budgets
      • balance between changes in volume of sediment held w/in sys + volume of sediment enetering/leaving sys
      • can alter accord to:
        • input changes
          • vol of material deposited into coastal sys + impact human intervention can have (eg damming river)
          • coastal defences impact upon inputs w/ reduced cliff face erosion taking place
          • sea level rise may add more sediment w/ increased coastal erosion
        • output changes
          • human intervention (eg. removing large amounts of sand from area for industrial or coastal protection
          • sea level rise increase likelihood of changing ocean currents + material being removed from sediment cells
      • calculating sediment budget
        • 1. id and quantifying sources of sediment in sys
        • 2. id + quantifying where sediment stored in sys
        • 3. id + quantifying sinks of sediment away from sys
    • mappleton
      • example of human intervention
      • built groynes to prevent beach from getting smaller and eroding at cliff
      • further down coast, beach was smaller as no LSD, more cliff erosion and damage to buildings


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