SEE: Glaciation: 2A.10A

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  • 2A.10A: Value of relict and active glaciated landscapes
    • Polar scientific research
      • Since these areas are almost untouched by humans, they provide measurementof the earth's past environments
      • Atmosphere is thinner in polar regions so astronomical + upper atmosphere research is easier
    • Economic reasons
      • E.g. polar trekking, skiing
    • Spiritual/religious associations
      • Several polar/ glacial mountain areas have significance in cultures
      • E.g. First Nations worship the snake-like being of the glacier
      • E.g. Arctic Inuit have lots of ancient myths associated with the landscape
    • Attitudes range from exploitation to preservation
      • Relict landscapes often provide more opportunities for exploitation (e.g. employment in forestry or farming) as they have a denser population
      • Do nothing, business as usual, sustainable exploitation, comprehensive conservation, total protection


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