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  • 2A.8A: Depositional ice contact landforms
    • Deposition of sediment occurs when ice melts, mostly in the ablation zone close to the snout
    • Ice contact landforms are when englacial and subglacial meltwater flows help to produce landforms
    • Till is a deposit laid down by a glacier
    • Drumlins- a long mound of till smoothed in the direction of the glacier's flow
      • 1. Glacier hits an obstacle that cannot be eroded
        • 2. Deposition from underneath the glacier builds behind the obstacle
          • 3. Glacier moves over the large mound and drags excess deposition over to other side
            • 4. This forms a tear drop shape (stoss) with a tapered edge (lee)
      • 50m height
        • 200-1,000m long
        • Long axis direction is in parallel to direction of ice flow
      • EXAMPLE: Eureka Drumlin Field Montana
    • Moraines- unconsolidated glacial deposits in an unsorted, angular shape
      • Medial
        • Moraine in the middle of a glacier
        • Formed when two glaciers meet + the lateral moraines merge
      • Lateral
        • A ridge of moraine where the ice meets valley wall
          • Made via weathering and mass movement dropping debris into the ice
          • During retreat, the sediment forms in 'hummocky' lines
      • Recessional
        • Occur when a reatreating glacier stays still for a sufficient amount of time to form a secondary ridge
      • Terminal
        • When material is deposited at the snout of a glacier
          • EXAMPLE: Tinley Moraine, North America


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