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  • Rowntree’s importance
    • Distinguished families suffering from primary and secondary poverty
      • Primary =  lacked earnings to obtain basic necessities
      • Secondary = earnings were sufficient but wasted on things like alcohol
    • Provided statistical data on wages, hours of work, nutritional needs, food consumed, health and housing
    • Rowntree was a strong supporter of the Liberals
      • Him and DLG were friends
        • When he becomes Chancellor of the Exchequer he introduces reforms influenced by Rowntree
          • Old Age Pensions Act 1908
    • Carried out a study into rural conditions in Britain
      • ‘The Land’ published in 1913
      • ‘How the Labourer lives’ in 1913
        • A detailed study into 52 farming families
    • Believed that healthy and well-fed workers were efficient workers
      • E.g., he increased wages for 4,000 people at the company
        • Said those who paid their workers unfair wages should be put out of business
    • Helped to change attitudes about causes of poverty
      • Wasn’t caused by laziness, instead a bunch of other reasons like family death or unemployment


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