Self-concept, Self-image, Self-esteem

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  • Self-concept
    • School, job, long-term relationship, retiring: positive effect
    • A set of ideas, feelings, attitudes that a person has about who they are and their worth, capabilties+ limitations
    • Develops+ changes throughout life
  • Self-image
    • How you see yourself, your mental image of who you are
    • Positive/ negative, changes daily
    • Teens: poor throughout puberty, feel self-concious, comparing themselves to others
    • Influenced by:
      • Personal appearance
      • media: TV, magazines: what is 'attractive'/ 'expected'
      • Comparison with other people
      • Comments of other people
  • Self-esteem
    • How much you like, accept, respect yourself (value)
    • Tendency to high/low self-esteem
    • Compare themselves to others
    • Changes on a daily basis
    • Influenced by:
      • Attitude of parents, carers, family
      • Success/ failure at school/work
      • Comments of friends
  • Self-concept equation
    • Self-image+ self-esteem
    • Good self-image+ high-self-esteem= positive self-concept
    • Poor self-image+ low self-esteem= negative self-concept


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