self-fulfilling prophecy

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  • self fulfilling prophecy
    • can produce under-achievement or good achievement
    • prediction that comes true simply by virtue of it having been made
    • teachers expectations
      • Rosenthal and Jacobson
        • suggest that teachers beliefs about the pupils had been influenced by the supposed test results
        • teachers then conveyed these beliefs to the pupils through the way they interacted with them
        • this demonstrates the self-fulfilling prophecy: simply by accepting the prediction that some children would spurt ahead the teachers brought abound
    • step one
      • teacher labels pupil
      • on basis of label teacher makes prediction about them
    • step two
      • teacher treats pupil accordingly acting as if the prediction is already true
    • step 3
      • pupil internalised the teachers expectation which becomes part of their self-image so they become the pupil teacher believed them to be


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