setting and streamng

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  • streaming: put into the same ability group for all of your academic subjects (set 2 for all subjects)
    • setting and streaming
      • setting: put into different ability groups for each academic subject. (set 2 math, set 1 English)
      • banding: mostly used withing primary schools. children are grouped within a class room (tiger table, lion table, giraffe table)
      • mixed ability: pupils of different learning abilities are put into the same class
        • advantages: it encourages relationships between different social groups/ classes of students within school
        • disadvantage: could still lead to bullying as students can identify or assume others academic abilities            may feel low confidence to take part in whole class discussions or interactive activities.
    • advantages : sit exams suited to them                reduces the likely hood of bullying
    • disadvantages: majority of the time students are streamed based on behavior rather than their academic ability               their ability can progress or regress         poorer behavior is put into lower sets.


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