Sexual Ethics

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  • Sexual Ethics
  • Contraception
    • Catholic Church: Condemns it (sex is for reproduction!)
    • Genesis: "God...said to them 'Be fruitful and increase in number.'"
    • CofE: "Cannot agree with the Catholic Church's view"
    • It is the couple's conscience that decides how many children they have
    • Libertarian: Contraception prevents unwanted pregnancies & STIs (prevents harm)
  • Dominian
    • Catholic Theologian who opposed the NML theory
    • Sex is a gift from God (should be celebrated between a loving couple)
    • The traditional view that sex's sole purpose was reproduction was 'too narrow'
    • Sex is vital in building a loving bond
      • Sex is a part of love, love is a part of spirituality, so the Catholic Church must review its views
    • Thought the Church should permit same-sex marriage
    • Sexual experience is rooted in childhood: "we only receive it (love) and accept it n the basis that...been loved by our parents for...being ourselves, we continue to be loved by others on the same basis"
  • Vardy
    • Today, love will only last if both partner's needs (sexual & emotional) are satisfied
    • Utilitarian relationships
    • Sex outside of love (e.g. masturbation, ****, promiscuity) takes us away from our true potential


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