Sexuality and Identity

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  • Sexuality and Identity
    • How are they linked?
      • Means a persons sexual orientation
      • It is something that society can seek to control
      • Attitudes towards sexuality vary between cultures and over time.
      • Weeks - sexuality is a social and historical construct
      • Agents of socialisation such as religion,t the media and the law can pass on attitudes about sexuality.
    • Religious control
      • Religion tends to promote a norm of heterosexuality and marriage
      • Feminists argue that Religion oppresses female sexuality by imposing the norm of staying a virgin until marriage.
      • Functionalists think that the control and channelling of sexuality is crucial to the continuation of society.
      • The New right see, homosexuality, abortion and *********** are threats to social order.
      • Post-modernists say religion no longer has as much of an influence.
    • The media
      • Very few characters on TV and film are gay
      • The media is increasingly reporting sexuality in a more positive way.
      • Early media reporting of HIV and AIDS had a prejudiced aspect
      • Some tabloid newspaper refereed to AIDS in the 1980s as the gay plague
    • Social attitudes
      • Homosexuality used to be illegal
      • Over the last few decades there has been moves towards equality.
      • Marriage Act 2013 legalised gay marriage
      • The equality Act 2007 made it illegal to discriminate against gay men and women in the provision of goods and services.


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