Siberian mega project

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  • Yamal mega project in Siberia
    • location
      • Siberian Arctic- west Siberian north
      • Russia
      • Yamal peninsula
      • Asia Europe boarder above the arctic circle
    • culture/ ways of life of the nenet people
      • move huge herds of reindeer from the summer pastures in the north and the winter pastures in the just south of the Artic circle
        • 10,000 nomads and 300,000 domestic reindeer
      • a dowry of a reindeer is common in marriage
      • It’s believed the people and the deer entered a kind of social contract, where reindeer offered themselves to humans for their subsistence and transport, and humans agree to accompany them on their seasonal migrations and protect them from predators
      • reindeer symbol made it to the centre of the YNAO coat of arms.
      • The Nenets still rely on traditional clothing sewn by the women. A Nenets man wears a Malitsa which is a coat made of around 4 reindeer skins, the fur being closest to the skin on the inside and the leather on the outside.
    • threats to Nenet culture
      • the soviet union collectivised the reindeer into state herds (1961) and thus forcing the farmers to  abandon their way of life
      • the expantion of the drilling upon the oil and gas fields in the area has reduced grazing space as well as lead to unwanted outside contact
      • climate change changing the seasonal patterns that the nomads rely on for their herds
      • Yamal mega project, is a long-term plan to exploit and bring to the markets the vast natural gas reserves in the Yamal Peninsula, Russia. - produced by Gazprom
        • Yamal produces over 20% of Russia's natural gas
        • A train on the Obskaya–Bovanenkovo railway Bovanenkovo railway was opened in 2011 to provide all year access to the Bovanenkovo gas field.
    • solutions
      • reduce/ stop the mining in the area
      • leave them alone


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