Significance & Causes of the decline in marriage

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  • Significance & Causes of the decline in marriage
    • The Debate
      • believe marriage is centrally important to society, morality and social order
        • social policies, eg. benefits system has encouraged single parenthood by reducing financial need for marriage
        • secularisation (decline in religious belief) means less likely to get married in church so take wedding vows less seriously
      • marriage helps bind the individual to society
      • married people make better lovers, workers, parents and citizens
    • The position of the New Right
      • marriage now regarded as the most important decision in life, requiring great emotional commitment
      • men and women willing to delay marriage due to its seriousness
      • from feminist perspectives people see marriage as a serious individual choice, which is why it has declined
      • most people still see marriage as a desirable life goal
      • around 40% of all marriages are remarriages, indicating marriage is still popular
      • may be economic reasons for the decline in marriage, its an expensive option
    • Arranged marriages
      • significant majority of Asian people practice arranged marriages
      • usually involve mutual discussion about a proposed match
      • tend to grow more stable as time goes on while love marriages are more likely to deteriorate
      • extended kin are well-placed to advice and guide the marriage
      • carefully check for compatibility in beliefs, values, interests and goals
    • Forced Marriages
      • =a marriage conducted without the valid consent of both parties
      • statistics show 1302 forced marriages in 2013 although estimated 8000 but victims are reluctant to report it
      • may be reluctant to bring shame upon themselves or their family by not fulfilling the 'family duty'
      • may be fearful of the consequences
    • Same Sex marriages
      • in 2013 Same Sex marriage was legalised if the religious organisation is in agreement
      • was argued that it's not fair for a couple who love each other and want to  confirm and formalise it should be denied the right
      • some bellieve it indicates a rejection of Christian values and consciousness


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