Sliding Filament Theory

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  • Sliding Filament Theory
    • Skeletal Muscles - voluntary control
      • Extensibility, elasticity, excitability, and contractility
        • Multinucleated and striations
          • Inside muscle fibres are multiple myofibrils
            • Each myofibril has sections that repeat called sarcomeres
              • The arrangement of the sarcomeres contribute to the skeletal muscles striated look
              • Sarcomeres has proteins called actin and myosin
                • Thin: Actin Thick: Myosin
                • z lines: actin attaches
                  • M-line: myosin attches
                    • Sarcomeres must shorten to contract but filaments do not contract
                      • This means the filaments must slide over each other
                        • Actin must slide over the myosin towards the centre to contract
                          • Myosin has heads which are bound to ATP
                            • ATP hydrolyzes into ADP and phosphate which binds to actin


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