Smoking Cessation

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  • Smoking Cessation
    • Tabacco dependance and disorder
      • COPD, lung cancer, coronary heart disease
      • Extended or higher level of use
      • Unsuccessful efforts to quit or reduce
      • Tolerence for nicotine
      • Time spent aquiring
      • Failure to attend to responsibilites
      • Use despite psychological and harmful effects
    • Physiological Changes
      • Drop in resting heartrate
      • Decreased adrenaline
      • Decreased cortisol
      • Decreased tremor
      • Decreased metabolic rate
      • Decreased salivary IgA
    • NHS Stop Smoking Services
      • Bupropion
        • Antidepressant - take 1-2 weeks before quitting
      • Varenidine
        • Nicotine receptor partial agonist, maintains dopamine levels
    • Nicotine replacement therapy
      • Patch, gum, inhaler, microtabs, losenge, nasal spray, mouth spray
      • Lowers cravings




ВзаимодействиеLet me tell you how I quit smoking when I was 16.

It was one of many parties. Before that, I had smoked since I was a little kid (I used to steal cigarettes from my father).

I had been smoking for about 8 years.

So there we were, sitting with a girl who was 4 years older than me, smoking. And I say to her, you know, I'm done, starting tomorrow I don't smoke.

It's been 18 years. (Sometimes I used to have a cigarette when I was drunk, but I never bought a single cigarette).

That's my point. It takes willpower and understanding.с другими людьми

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