social and cultural impact of depression

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  • Social and cultural impact of the depression
    • changes in working opportunities and living standard
      • unemploemtn reached 3 millions by 1931, this meant poverty and life on the dole, but new industries couldst absorb all the unemployment. During the 1930s the economy started to recover and living starters began to improve
        • inter war years, some economic advance and real wages increased in value, greeting spending power ad cheaper goods meant families could afford electrical devices improving the quality of life
        • Movementpeople from inner city areas to suburbs also improves living conditions(council houses built)
        • Change in fashion and leisure meant that cosmetic industries experienced a rapid growth
    • National Government social policies
      • Government failed to introduce any radical measures to deal with unemployment, they proffered the unemployment to move rather than the industries move to the depressed areas, unempolyemtn began t fall steadily
        • The nation governments housing act led to more successful improvements to living conditions
    • Social and regional division
      • improvements effected all classes but allowed the middle class to do particularly well, life in suburbs had little connection with working class society , walls to block them out of sight out of mind
      • Regional divisions, unemployment was high in ares were staple industries were concentrated,this was shown in the Jarrow march but rBaldwin refused to meet them and some of there unemployment benefits become unavailable
    • Literary response, radio and cinema
      • the depression encouraged reading so more books were been published , also by 1930 radio had become key addition to homes but poor homes couldn't afford them, depression also encourages attendance to cinemas etc
    • Social and cultural response to international crises
      • There was fear of both political extremes fascism and communism, this conflict was seen through the spanish civil war between hitler and stalin and there was a wide spread amongst british to maintain peace.
        • The public responded to the internal crisis by putting faith in then league of nations and disarmament


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