Social Care in the Public Sector

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  • Social Care in the Public Sector
    • Adult Social Care
      • Over 18's
      • Who would use adult social care?
        • Disabled
        • Services users with mental health problems
        • Service users who are deemed as frail
          • Age
          • Other circumstances
      • Services they provide:
        • Sheltered housing schemes
        • Day centres
        • Residential care
        • Care in the service users home
        • Respite care
        • Training centres
    • Children's Services
      • Aims
        • To support and protect vulnerable children and young people, their families and young carers
      • Work closely with other care providers
        • NHS
        • Education services
      • Support can include:
        • Services to safeguard children who are at risk
        • Day care for children under 5
        • Help for parents and carers
          • 'Parenting skills' training
        • Support of a children's centre
        • Practical help in the home
        • Adoption or fostering arrangements


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