Social challenges in Rio and their solutions

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  • social challenges in Rio ( + solutions)
    • health care
      • average life expectancy in Rio is 63 years compared to 80 years in Barra da Tijuca
        • Medical staff detect and treat twenty different diseases in people’s homes, reducing infant mortality and increasing life expectancy.
    • education
      • Only ½ of all children continue education beyond age 14 because of: a shortage of schools and teachers; a lack of money and a need for teens to work to support their families
        • The authorities have: given school grants to poor families; opened a private university in Rocinha favela
    • water supply
      • 37% is lost through leaks and illegal access; droughts make water expensive
        • 300 km of new pipes and 7 treatment plants built; by 2014, 95% of the population had mains water
    • energy
      • Frequent power cuts and blackouts; many poorer people get their electricity by illegally tapping into the main supply
        • 60 km of new power lines installed; anew nuclear generator built


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