Social class and crime

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  • Social class and crime
    • Trends in social class and crime
      • Majority of convictions come from poor/ WC areas
      • Convicted offenders are more likely to be unemployed and have few educational qualifications
      • White collar crimes are underrepresented in official crime statistics
    • Theories of social class and crime
      • Functionalist
        • Working class have fewer opportunities
      • Left realist
        • Deprivation, subcultures and marginalisation
      • Right realist
        • Rational choice theory
        • Underclass of young idle men
      • Marxist
        • Selective law enforcement, protection of the ruling class
        • Criminogenic capitalism
      • Interactionist
        • Selectife law creation and enforcement
        • Unable to negotiate justice (Cicourel)
      • Postmodernist
        • Disproportionately  impacted by globalisation
          • Labour is outsourced
        • Crime becomes a viable career


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