Social Development

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  • Social Development
    • Infancy
      • Very dependant on others
      • Gain independence by the age of 18-24 months
      • Increased skills and abilities (able to dress and feed oneself)
    • Early Childhood
      • Have some dependence
      • Widening of experience
      • Start school
      • Start making their own decision
    • Adolescence
      • Question sense of identity
      • Question family values
      • Question choices
      • Learn from real life experiences
      • Influenced by peer groups
    • Early Adulthood
      • Leaving home
        • To gain independence
      • Starting a family
        • New responsibilities can provide independence and a feeling of achievement
      • Starting employment
    • Middle Adulthood
      • Have fewer responsibilities which means they can more easily pursue their own hobbies and interests
      • Tend to reach the peak of their career
      • More disposable income
      • More choices and freedom
    • Later Adulthood
      • Busy social life
      • Emjoy freedom from a career
      • Retirement Pension (therefore able to use public transport)
      • Develop IT skills
      • Disengage from society especially if spouses and friends have died
        • Loneliness and loosing their independence by having to rely on others for care may decrease their confidence and independence
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