social impact- setting and streaming

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  • setting and streaming impact on social groups
    • methods:
      • 1. those in high sets  gain, those in low sets lose.
        • 2. therefore for overall school results, those that gain of high achievers are off set by the losses of those who are low achievers
          • 3. the gap between high/ low achievers widens
            • 4. middle class tend to be placed in high sets and working class tend to be  put nto bottom sets. this reinforces inequality and the social ggap widens
    • solutions
      • 1.  academic standards in lower sets needs to be raised including entry to higher education and access to jobs.
        • 2. mixed ability classes should e specially designed so that supplementary instructions are available for those who ave difficulty
      • this is applicable for middle class as it illustrates they are put into the top sets whereas the working class are put into bottom sets.
    • evaluation
      • research allows more responses from people. it is representative and allows us to make generalisations about their findings


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