Social impact theory

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  • Social Impact theory
    • Latane argues that every person is a source or a target of social influence and can be both at once. Source is the influencer and target is the person being impacted upon.
    • Social impact theory suggests that influences from other people is the result of social forces (pressure) acting on individuals. Latane proposed that we are influenced by the actions of others and that we can be persuaded, inhibited, threatened and supported by other people.
    • Social force is generated by persuasion, threat, humour and other influences. Social force is made up of strength, immediacy and numbers.
    • Strength is how much power you believe the person influencing you has, immediacy is how close to you the influence is and number is the amount of sources and targets.
    • The multiplicative effect - social influence increases with growing number but at a decreasing rate.
    • Divisional effect - social force gets spread out between all of the people it is directed at.


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