Social psychology Edexcel

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  • Social psychology part 1
    • Agency theory
      • Agency theory explained why people obeyed and what made them obey
      • 1 of 2 states between Agentic state and autonomous state
      • + Milgrams baseline study of obedience.      -only included men so not generalisable
      • +Hofling et al nurse study    - a field experiment meaning not all variables can be controlled
      • + high ecological validity as can be applied to real life: world war 2 natzi soldiers in Agentic state.
    • Social impact theory latane
      • Obedience depends on; strength, immediacy and size
      • + crane neck experiment
      • High ecological validation and applicable to real life.
      • Does not take into account individual differences
    • Milgrams studies
      • # original study.             # Ex 7 telephone instructions.   # Ex 10 run down office block                # Ex 13 ordinary man gives orders
    • Prejudice
      • An extreme, unfavourable attitude with ABC components.
        • Affective , behavioural & cognitive
      • Realistic conflict theory : sherif
        • Explains prejudice as easing from conflict in 2 or more groups
        • Robbers cave
      • Social identity theory: Tajfel and Turner
        • Suggests only two groups needed for prejudice to occur: in and out groups
        • Social categorisation, social identification , social comparisons
        • Klee and Kandinsky: Bristol school boys and paintings
    • Individual differences
      • Obedience
        • Personality : high E people likely to rebel against authority. High n people  would be unsuited to follow orders as they don’t learn easily
        • Culture : individualistic cultures and collectivist cultures. Assumes collectivist cultures are more obedient.
      • Prejudice
        • Personality :


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