Social, economic, and environmental impacts of tourism

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  • Social, economic, and environmental impacts of tourism
    • Social opportunities
      • Increased range of facilities
      • Greater cultural awareness
      • Greater appreciation of historical legacy
      • Foreign language skills developed
      • Posisitve impact of multiculturalism
      • Improved facilites
      • Education to meet needs of tourists
    • Social issues
      • Loss of local land
      • Abandonment of traditional values
      • Displacement of people
      • Changing community structure
      • Human rights abuse
      • Alcoholism/ drug abuse
      • Crime
      • Congestion
      • Loss of local housing
      • Conflicts
    • Economic opportunities
      • Plays a role in balance of payments between nations
      • Can provide rural employment, and increase rural to urban migration
      • Benefits other areas of the economy
      • Provides governments with tax revenues
      • Provides opportunities for small businesses
      • Employment
    • Economic issues
      • Economic leakage
      • Many jobs are low-paid, menial tasks
      • Locations can become overdependant on tourism
      • Can lead to informal employment
      • Not always the best use of local resources
      • Money is sometimes borrowed for investment, increasing debt
      • All inclusive deals do not encourage tourists to spend money in the local area
    • Environmental opportunities
      • Encourages conservation
      • Encourages control of pollution
      • Encourages river and coast protection
      • Search for development of new resources
    • Environmental issues
      • Construction damages environment
      • Air, water, waste, and noise pollution
      • Disruption of wildlife
      • Loss of surface groundwater
      • Resource depletion
      • Soil erosion


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