Social Policy New Right and Functionalism

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  • Social Policy- Functionalist and New Right Views and Criticisms
    • Functionalist (March of Progress View)
      • Fletcher
        • Welfare state supports the functions of the family e.g. the NHS take care of members when sick
          • However
            • Feminist
              • Assumes that that the welfare state benefits all members however it benefits men at the expense of women
            • Marxist
              • Can reverse the positive effects by cutting benefits to poorer families
    • New Right (Undermines the family)
      • Murray
        • The benefits have persevere incentives as it rewards irreponsible antisocial behaviour and the growth of the lone-parent families and a underclass dependent on benefits
          • However
            • Feminist
              • Trying to attempt a justified return to the patriarchal family as it is 'natural'
            • Cutting benefits would led more families into poverty


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