Societal Effects (AGEING) 2

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  • Societal Effects (Ageing)
    • What causes an ageing population?
      • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
      • Financial support
      • Baby boom after WW2
      • Expensive to have children
      • Medical technology
      • Better (free) healthcare
      • Decrease in manual labour
      • Social care and enablers
        • Someone who delivers person centered care in a home setting
      • More community based services and equipment
      • Women staying in education longer
      • Better and educated lifestyle choices
    • Social care
      • Provide structural changes around the home to support independent living
      • Provide a carer or support worker to help around the home with practical tasks and personal care
      • Ensure the elderly have access to respite and residential care
      • Assess PIES needs and abilities to assess how  much support is needed


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