Sociological research

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  • Sociological research
    • Research aims and hypotheses:
      • Research aims give a clear focus of study and set out what the investigator will study
      • Hypotheses are in formed guess as to what the out come is going to be. It is generally written as a statement that can be proved right or wrong.
      • Researchers may developed their questions from study they have previously studied. Something may have struck them a interesting/puzzling.
        • Alternatively, they may be studying something of other sociological research they may have read in a book or a journal.
    • Pilot studies:
      • Is a small-scale, trial run before the main research.
      • They may help save time, effort and money in the long run; this is due to the fact that pilot studies help to check weather the specific method used is appropriate the the research they want to collect.
      • It help to overcome any potential problems that they can get right in the main research.
      • EXAMPLE:
        • A pilot interview may prove that some questions are very repetitive.
        • A pilot questionnaire may prove that it takes so long that people may not bother to completer it.


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