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  • Theories of the family
    • Functionalist
      • George Murdock - The universal nuclear family. Sexual, educational, economic, reproductive
      • Pardons - Two irreducible functions of the family. 1.Primary socialisation of children. 2. Stabalisation of adult personalities.
        • Family moved from a unit of production to a unit of consumption
          • Due to. 1 geographical mobility. 2 socially mobile workforce. 3. loss of functions. 4 industrialisation
          • The family adapts itself to meet the needs of society
            • Pre-Industrial = extended and Industrial = nuclear
        • Ronald Fletcher the family hasn't lost it's functions they have just been supplemented and supported = Welfare state
    • Marxists
      • Engles = The inheritance of private property. Monogamous nuclear family provides the answers in Capitalism
        • Bourgeois nuclear family oppresses women as females primary role is to produce children and females are economically dependent on men.
        • Women were seen as glorified prostitutes
      • Louis Althusser = Ideological state apparatus. Capitalism control the way people think through the state (education, law and health care).
      • Zaretsky's unit of consumption - work life and home life is inseparable. Useless commodities - advertising
    • Feminism
      • Liberal feminism
        • Don't blame capitalism or men for unequal treatment but laws.
        • Equal pay act 1970
        • Sommerville = Women can show men the door
      • Radical feminists
        • Exploitation of women is due to male domination
        • Dworkin = Marriage is an institution developed from **** as a practice.
        • Greer = Men benefit much more from marriage than women do. Issue of mother, motherhood isn't a career option
      • Marxist feminism
        • Ansley = Safety valve
        • Women are expected to benefit the Capitalst society
        • Reproduce the next labour force
        • Reserve army of labour
    • New right
      • Charles Murray - The Underclass. Critical of the Welfare state. Peverse instentives
        • Trying to have children at a young age to get a council house


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